Flip your content with Flipboard


Flipboard is a free mobile app that takes advantage of two of the biggest trends in digital content: mobile and social. At its core, Flipboard is a news aggregator with a gorgeous user experience. The app will help you to discover content by aggregating tailored-for-you content from across the web, news sources, publishers, and social networks. The immersive in-app experience allows you to read stories and articles, watch videos, and browse through countless photo streams. You can also connect your social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and Google+ to see what your friends are posting and easily share articles with them. Spend just one hour using the app, and you will easily see see why Flipboard has become a global favorite since its launch in 2010. In fact, Flipboard’s audience has grown to more than 100 million active readers and adds 250,000 to 300,000 users every day.  It is the most popular of the magazine-like content aggrregator apps for iOS, Android, Kindle, and Nook.

You can use Flipboard to manage and discover various content streams, but businesses can really benefit from using this robust and powerful service in other ways.

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Three social media tools to make your posts pop

Facebook. Twitter. Google+. Pinterest. Instagram. Tumblr. What do all of these platforms have in common? They all feature a stream of content updates dominated by images. According to March 2014 research published on eMarketer, photos accounted for 75% of content posted by Facebook pages worldwide, with a whopping 87% interaction rate from fans. For comparison, no other post type received more than a 4% interaction rate.

Whether you are using social media to connect with friends or your consumers, your audience is over 20x more likely to engage if you include an image. Think about the images that catch your attention when you scroll through your latest updates. How many of those images are bland stock illustrations? How many photos are poorly lit or out of focus? As a graphic designer, I can promise you that a bad image is never going to effectively promote great content. How much more would your audience engage if your content featured a powerful visual?

Take your presence from uninspired to click-worthy with these top tools for creating and sharing visuals on social media (no design experience required).



infogram screenshot

PicMonkey is an intuitive cloud-based photo editing tool with integrated sharing features. Described as “ridiculously easy to use”, this agile application is the key to creating highly shareable images. PicMonkey’s tool panel is extensive, featuring:

  • Basic tools for beginners: crop, image adjustments, adding text, and collage
  • Advanced tools for more experienced users:  blemish remover, airbrush, clone, dodge, burn, and lighting effects
  • Special effects tools: filters, stickers, textures, and frames

If you feel a bit lost, the PicMonkey blog offers video tutorials available to guide and inspire. I have a suite of professional photo editing software on my computer that costs hundreds of dollars, but I still find myself using PicMonkey for a quick edit and share on social media.



infogram screenshot

I probably don’t need to tell you that infographics have taken social media by storm. Don’t believe me? Then check out this, this, this, this, and this. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

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